Introducing The 5th Position Method, a new, highly effective method of exercise.  

The 5th Position Method is effective both for dancers and anyone who wants to get fit, sit up straighter, and stand taller.  

Within the framework of classical ballet positioning, The 5th Position Method utilizes the barre, balls, straps, weight, and circles to provide additional challenges.  Targeted exercises keep the body challenged and interested.  The Method focuses on problem areas such as legs and core.  It builds stamina and leads to perfect posture.  


The result for those who stick to the classes is a healthy Ballet body with long, lean lines, perfect for beach vacations, but also a way of life for those who get hooked. 

The Method was originally developed to aid professional ballet dancers to overcome injuries and return as stronger, better dancers.  The Method draws upon techniques such as Ballet, Pilates and Alexander Technique.  It builds from there to provide a strengthening, full body workout. 

Join the 5th Position Method to feel the burn, to test your strength, and to achieve your fitness goals for a tighter, stronger and healthier body!