Both my daughter and myself have taken ballet and pilate lessons from Ms Victoria Vargas, where Ms Vargas used her 5th Position method to teach us.  We find the 5th Position method has very much helped us built our core muscles and served as a good foundation for other training.  In my case, the 5th Position was definitely very helpful in my post-natal recovery. 

Chui-Inn Lee
President of the Council at Musicus Society Hong Kong


Training with Miss Vargas has been instrumental in my progression both technically and artistically - her unparalleled understanding of the body, as well as the global dance world,  has shaped me into the dancer I am today. I am currently training at a pre-professional level with a contemporary ballet based in New York City. 
Hope Paterson Hong Kong Dancer
Complexion contemporary Ballet Student New York U.S

I turned to Miss Vargas when I first became injured, and she completely opened my

mind and body to a new perspective on training whilst seriously injured. I credit her entirely for my rehabilitation, my emotional and mental recovery and motivation through her 5th Position Method. 

Lucas Segovia,

Former Principal Dancer Joffrey Ballet Chicago, U.S

For me, the experience of training with Miss Vargas isn’t just about remembering the exercises and understanding the vocabulary, it is about embodying the mindset and physicality of a strong, unique dancer, as she teaches you how to access and respect your body, whilst finding freedom (yet clear placement) in movement. 

Pekhovskaia Maiia 
St. Petersburg Eifman Ballet Academy/ Russia